ppc marketingPerhaps the most devastating thing that can happen to a business that markets themselves on the internet is to have their main source of traffic stripped away from them, which is exactly what happens when someone gets their Adwords account suspended.

There are literally companies all over the web that rely solely on traffic generated from people searching the net for solutions who click on one of their ads and when that traffic is gone, so if their revenue stream…literally.

Now, there are also people who reply solely on organic traffic from search engines and a similar fate can happen to them as well. The absolute thing is that a website totally gets de-indexed from the searches for web spam. This typically happens because someone build an unnatural amount of backlinks to their site using a suspicious anchor text profile. We will cover more on organic issues in another article, but just wanted to bring up the fact that Google can suspend or slap you 2 different ways.

So, getting back to Adwords issues. If you have been suspended from adwords then you already know how painful it can be to get reinstated and we highly recommend you don’t try this on your own. Enlisting help from a company that has dealt with more Adwords suspension issues than you care to even know about is the only way to go in our opinion.

Take a look at this video and see if you can pick up on some points in this discussion:

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